The Family Van: A Real Housewives Breakdown with Bobby Jean Spears

World Renowned Superstar and Media Mogul Bobby Jean Spears along with his cohost and fellow housewives fanatic and over analyzer, Tanya, meet up every week to bring you our unsolicited thoughts, opinions, hopes, dreams and over-analyzation of all things Real Housewives! So….If you’re unhealthily obsessed with or if you can talk about housewives forever and ever and your friends just want you to shut up…this is your safe space! Join us every week for a deep dive breakdown of all things HOUSEWIVES!

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Sunday Nov 06, 2022

Hey Vanners!! The 90210 gals are in the rearview mirror and its time to focus on our ladies of Salt Lake and Potomac!   Follow us on Social @familyvanpod @tanyacaldwell @itsbobbyjeanspears Thank you so much for listening we appreciate and love you for it! We would be so happy for you to Rate us 5 Stars and Review us on iTunes! Stay Shady xx Bobby & Tanya

Monday Oct 17, 2022

Hey Family Vanners we have missed you, but we are BACK for season 2! In this episode we talk all about the fun things we've been up to the last three weeks and after that we decided Bobby is now a housewife. We Closed the door on Atlanta and give some last Hot takes and do our dream recast! Over In the 90210 we talk reunion part 1 but lets be honest...we are waiting for Kathy! We ran out of time for Salt Lake City and Potomac so stay tuned for a bonus episode sometime this week!! **If you want my lashes that we talked about you can get them starting the 21st at! Check out my other podcast "Hey, Girl! with Bobby Jean Spears" (just FYI its def NSFW lol) Follow the show @familyvanpod Follow Tanya @tanyacaldwell Follow Bobby @itsbobbyjeanspears

Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

Hi guys!! Time time time again tot talk about a bunch of women we don't know behind their back! The ladies are reuniting in the ATL and Over in Beverly Hills Kathy Hilton is pissed no one is drinking her tequila...oh, and Erika is still an asshole!   Rate us 5 Stars and give us a glowing review! Follow the show @familyvanpod Follow Tanya @tanyacaldwell Follow Bobby @itsbobbyjeanspears Make sure to check out Bobbys other podcast "Hey, Girl! with Bobby Jean Spears" wherever you get your podcasts or WATCH it on YouTube

Monday Sep 12, 2022

Hey Vanners!! Sorry about last week....we will explain...its of course, my fault! Anyway - Things Heat up in the ATL finale. We Make the executive casting decisions for next year, and rate the season out of 5 peaches! 9021Oh No She didn't! Did Diana seeeriously say that!? We are still GOBSMACKED by not only her behavior but the fact that Sheree wasnt cast instead! Also we discuss the worlds most UNAWARE Pretty Mess of a human being! Plus Rumors about the reunion are crazy! Last AND 100% Least, The Inaugural Dubai Reunion has come to a close! We Toot and Boot the looks and discuaa what we would like to see next year (if we have to). SUPER IMPORTANT!!-- Make sure you Leave us 5 Stars and a GLOWING review!! We want to hear from YOU so.... Follow the show @familyvanpod  Follow Bobby @itsbobbyjeanspears  Follow Tanya @tanyacaldwell Also, Check out my other podcast "Hey, Girl! With Bobby Jean Spears" Bye, Wigs!! xx 💋 Bobby & Tanya

Monday Aug 29, 2022

Hey Vanners!  We are back to chit chat about the gals. Over in the ATL the gals are beefing about the same ol same ol on their last day in Jamaica....what a way to spend a vacay! Unfortunately we were uninvited to the 90210 this week....rude! Lastly, Its finally here....the last episode of Dubai (not counting the reunion) We talk about it as much as we can stomach! Follow the show @familyvanpo Follow Tanya @tanyacaldwell Follow Bobby @itsbobbyjeanspears Email us your hot takes to Be sure to Rate us 5 stars ONLY and leave a nice lonnnnggg review about how amazing we are!!   xx Bobby & Tanya  

Monday Aug 22, 2022

Hey Vanners!!! Buckle up and lets just get right down to it....lots happening now that everyone is doing things TOGETHER!! First up is the ATL Marlo V Kandi, Kenya & Shree v Sanya and Ralph wrote a paragraph! In the 90210 We are just living for garcelle....any one else?? In the penultimate Dubai Episode we see a softer side of Chanel and Brooks is still annoying lol Follow the show @familyvanpos Follow Bobby @itsbobbyjeanspears Follow Tanya @tanyacaldwell ....and DM Vicki and tell her to keep her promises!   xx  Bobby & SCT Tanya

Thursday Aug 18, 2022

Heyyyy!! We are going to get back to releasing on Mondays we just had some personal things to deal with this week! In this episode we talk some housewives news, I am feuding with the OG of the OC, we cast our dream cast for Ultimate girls trip season 4, Kim Zs daughter got a DUI, and we toot and boot the Dubai reunion looks. After all that we get into the ATL, 90210, and RHOD How are you all feeling about these seasons? We would love to hear from you! Follow us on social @familyvanpodand give us ALLL your hot takes! Dont forget to Rate us 5 Stars, and leave a glowing review! You can follow me @itsbobbyjeanspears  on Insta and interact with me there and follow Tanya @tanyacaldwell ! Bye Wig! xx Bobby

Monday Aug 08, 2022

Hey Family Vanners! I know we've been MIA (thus this 2 hour episode) This episode we give alllll our hot takes on the end of UGT, ATL, Bev Hills, and Dubai! Thank you so much for listening! Remember, if you enjoy the show leave us a 5 star rating and a review...its super helpful! Follow the show @familyvanpod Follow Bobby @itsbobbyjeanspears Follow Tanya @tanyacaldwell   Love  &  Light Bobby & Tanya

Wednesday Jul 20, 2022

Hey Everyone!! Sorry we are late....van troubles you know. BUCKLE UP! We have a lot to cover.... We first stop in Atlanta (turns out I missed an episode and so did tanya, but they were different episodes so we filled each other in lol) Then we head to the 90210.... Then we are forced to go to Dubai whether we want to or not! Finally the Mecca of housewives right now: ULTIMATE GIRLS TRIP!! Enjoy! Rate us 5 Stars and Leave a Review! Follow the show @familyvanpo Follow Bobby @itsbobbyjeanspears Follow Tanya @tanyacaldwell til next time xx Bobby & Tanya

Monday Jul 11, 2022

Buckle up...welcome back to the family van!! Thisnepisode we tackle what's going on in the ATL, the 90210, and the berzerkshires! follow us on social @familyvanpod @itsbobbyjeanspears @tanyacaldwell Rate us 5 stars and leave a glowing review!!   xx Bobby & Tanya


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